Coronavirus: Increasing Productivity at Home

With the current situation of COVID-19 worldwide, increasing numbers of people are going into self-isolation to help prevent the transmission of the virus. If you can, it is best you work from home and only travel if essential. Universities have started to conduct online lectures, workshops and meetings in an attempt to keeping students and staff safe! This might be great for some if working from home is your thing but sometimes productivity can decrease when you’re at home for too long. I’ve put together some tips to increase your motivation and productivity at home!

1. Change your location: Try working around the house if you can. Maybe move to the living room, dining room, kitchen etc for a bit! If it’s slightly warmer where you and you have a garden that might be a nice scenery to do some work!

2. Virtual study buddy: Keep a friend on FaceTime or video call while you both do some work! You can motivate each other and you have someone to talk to so you don’t get too bored! You can also pre-assign how much work you want to get done and by telling your friend it makes you more determined to get it done.

3. Dress the part: Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have work in your pyjamas. Getting dressed will put you in a working frame of mind. Sitting in your pyjamas will just make you lazy and unproductive.

4. Physical exercise: It’s likely that this pandemic will reduce the level of exercise people do as you’re busy self isolating at home. However, it’s really important you maintain some physical exercise to keep your body and mind active! Try walking around the house a bit or even going for a walk around your neighbourhood (this doesn’t involve close contact with other people). Do some stretches in your house to keep you from feeling lazy.

5. Take breaks: Take scheduled breaks to keep you from burning out. Talk to some people, get some fresh air and have some food. You don’t want to keep yourself barricaded in your room for hours on end. A little break can help you come back to your work with more productivity!

6. Turn the news down: Stop listening or reading to coronavirus news 24/7! I knows it’s difficult because it’s all over the news and social media but overload of information will stop you from doing the work you actually need to do and make you more anxious.

Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and in good physical and mental health!

Author: nafisasnotes

A PhD student sharing my notes and reflections on academia and lifestyle topics! Follow me to get an insight on all things research, academia and lifestyle!

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